Truth Be Told exists to invite everyone to belong. This means we care about people who are isolated and lonely for whatever reason, whether their age, their stage or their culture.

According to the 2021 census, 20%, of people with English as a Second Language (ESOL) said they couldn’t speak it very well and 3% said they couldn’t speak it at all. That means over 1 million people in the UK today are isolated by a language barrier. As of November 2022, there were 231,597 refugees and 127,421 pending asylum cases in the UK. 43% of people seeking asylum are women of all ages and children who must then navigate education, health and social services for their families without enough English, following traumatic experiences and journeys.


We believe the church is God’s beautiful display of family. So your church can begin to bring down those barriers by providing a safe space for the whole family to learn through storytelling and songs. Integrating them into the joyful life of your community.


“I love this time because I am not thinking about my problems.”

TBT ESOL Member - Bournemouth

An older lady, who is quiet during the session due to her very limited English, stood and helped with the parachute at the end, laughing with the children who stood next to her.

TBT ESOL Storyteller


Since October 2023, we have been adapting our original model to run TBT ESOL sessions, which address these deep and complex needs. In just six months we delivered 18 sessions in Bournemouth and Birmingham with 256 attendances by women and children from 10 nations – Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Sudan. Using our trademark handsewn bag covered in pockets and full of props that bring meaning to words, our church-based Storytellers have been leading well-known nursery rhymes and stories of hope to bring cohesion and belonging.

If you would like to get involved in bringing back belonging to those from other nations, please click the button below and get in touch.

We’re able to offer training, stories, songs, resources, and a bespoke ESOL storyteller app to enable your church to be able to reach this isolated community.