“What a brilliant opportunity the Queen’s Jubilee provides for us to get together with friends of all ages?! I am really looking forward to hearing the stories of royal events past from those older than me and catching the joy and delight from those younger.

Because of this, we’ve decided to give away access to a whole load of content to help you… in whatever way… celebrate the Jubilee. Here’s what’s on offer:

  1. A brand new story, based on the book of Daniel, but actually set in the king’s palace with royal cats, royal mice, and a king’s portrait who is desperate to be the king himself!
  2. 15 songs, beautiful royal-related and recognisable nursery rhymes as well as some boogie-able vintage tracks that link with celebrations past.
  3. ‘Song & Prop List’ to help you to pick props and ideas to lead your session.
  4. A set of ‘Storytelling Activity Ideas’ for you to use in your setting to help you enjoy sharing together.
  5. A full ‘TBT Session Plan’ so that you can really easily and confidently run your session, knowing you’ve got everything covered, step by step.
  6. ‘Kit List’ for you to make sure you’ve got everything you need.
  7. And Training! Before you get access to all of the above, you need to book onto an hour-long Zoom so that we can go through the resources with you and help you to feel fully prepared to use them! We have three dates and times to give you every chance to come along:
    • Tuesday 26 April 10:30-11:30
    • Monday 9 May 20:00-21:00
    • Thursday 19 May 13:00-14:00

Please just book your free slot here: https://bit.ly/TBTJubileeTrainingZooms

You don’t have to run a TBT session in order to use the material on offer, in fact, we’d be really interested to hear how you use it in a variety of contexts so feel free, just book yourself a space and make use of it all!

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