Gemma Gillard

Gemma Gillard

Gateway Church, Poole

I’ve been a Storyteller and song time leader for many years. Back in South East London, I was commissioned by an Anglican Church to create and launch the Truth Be Told (TBT) storytelling curriculum to breath new life into their playgroup. Now based in Poole, and struck by the number of care homes in our area, I decided to launch a similar group in this setting. I’m also a mum of 3 children, so I know how important it is for us and our little ones to sing, story and socialise and I personally love the chance to have more fun with friends of all ages!

We’ve been running TBT groups in care homes since January 2019 and have even won the coveted Cinnamon Network Competition to help develop social action projects. This means TBT is able to bring more joy and more life to more homes for everyone’s benefit. All of this has absolutely confirmed that older adults are just you and me but… well… older! And that our need for joy, hope, fun, laughter and family never ends.

Gemma x

Yvonne Bright

Yvonne Bright

ReBourne Church, Sherborne

I am a wife, mum of two married boys, and a nanny fondly known as Momo. 

I love folk of all ages and have always worked in situations that involved sharing time with people and their families, bringing the generations together. I have worked as a nurse, a Church minister, a pastoral manager in schools,  and latterly supporting adults with autism and learning difficulties, alongside my voluntary work with Church.

I have a passion to see men, women, boys and girls live life to the full and reach their God given potential – I have been described as a ‘gatherer’ and that’s a good description – I love gathering people together. 

For me, Truth Be Told encapsulates everything I love – meeting together for a cup of tea, sharing stories and being a family of all generations. Each one of us can learn from one another, the elderly from the toddlers and vice versa. Within this wonderful Truth Be Told family environment we can share the truths of the stories, with Christian roots and references, and I’m thrilled that they are true and free for you and me.

I’d love to welcome you to one of my sessions soon.

Yvonne x