Yvonne from ReBorne Community Church in Sherborne shares her thoughts to mark Global Intergenerational Week…

“What a privilege I have been given through Truth Be Told. I have now been storytelling across the generations for three and a half years. The mix of generations is inspiring. The early years enthusiasm for exploration and the older years of activity and experience. And the two go so well together!”

“I love seeing the joy on the faces of residents in the care home I visit as the children come in with excitement.
The room is lit up with joy, fun and sometimes surprises. We have so much to learn from each other, no experience is ever wasted. And to top it off I get the opportunity to share the love of Jesus, the truth of the stories we read in the Bible and the promises that are a reality of a fulfilled life.”

“I see the children have fun, the residents blessed and together we can live the ‘true dream’.”


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