Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It’s inevitable that you will have questions about Truth Be Told.  And you’re not the first. So to help, we’ve listed some of the most common questions below, along with the answers.

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We’ll continue to update this regularly with the questions we receive.  If you require further assistance, please just get in touch and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

For Churches

Do we have to have a relationship with a care home already?

No. Once we have discussed the project and put together a plan of action for your church to launch your own groups, you will feel equipped to go and make approaches to your local homes. We can help to provide all the information that you will need to give homes and to help you to feel confident in your meetings with them.

How do we know that we can lead the sessions well?!

Our belief is that God, as the greatest storyteller of all time has created us to tell His stories here on earth, we are made in His image! And we do it all the time without realising it! TBT draws on a whole range of skills and experiences that you will already have and our training, resources and support are there to identify and build on this. By the time you launch your first group, you will feel equipped, confident, a little nervous but mostly excited!

For Care homes

How long does it take to launch a group?

One of the great things about TBT is that we make a lasting connection between your home and a local church and some local community families. But this takes time and effort. Once we have met to discuss the project and your needs, we will get onto forging these relationships and so it may take 12-18 weeks to get going. We want you to know exactly what’s going on though so will keep you in the loop at all times.

What is the cost?

With TBT, everyone benefits from and everyone contributes to the success of the project. Churches play for resources, families pay to attend and care homes pay to host groups. The cost for a session may vary depend on your location and a number of factors but approximately £25-35 a session.

For Families

Can I book and 'pay as you go'?
Unfortunately not. The reason we ask for you to book in a block is so that we can be sure that the residents will see the same faces each week and that there are more opportunities for that sense of community to be built between parents, children and residents. It is often possible for you to pop in and visit a group to see if it’s for you or not. Please contact the Storyteller of the group you’re interested in.
If after trying it, we don’t like TBT, what happens then?

If after the first or second week, you’re not 100% happy, you can get your money back! Just let your Storyteller know.