I’ve been a Storyteller and song time leader for many years. Back in South East London, I was commissioned by an Anglican Church to create and launch the Truth Be Told (TBT) storytelling curriculum to breath new life into their playgroup.

Now based in Poole, and struck by the number of care homes in our area, I decided to launch a similar group in this setting. I’m also a mum of 3 children, so I know how important it is for us and our little ones to sing, story and socialise and I personally love the chance to have more fun with friends of all ages!

We’ve been running TBT groups in care homes since January 2019 and have even won the coveted Cinnamon Network Competition to help develop social action projects. This means TBT is able to bring more joy and more life into more homes for the benefit of everyone in the room. All of this has absolutely confirmed that older adults are just you and me but… well… older! And that our need for joy, hope, fun, laughter and family never ends.

Gemma x

So what is Truth Be Told?

TBT is a set of song and story sessions for 0-4’s, their parents and care home residents. We put a short tale of hope at the centre of some songs, a treasure trove of props and a multitude of imaginative interactions.

Each week follows a different theme such as ‘water’, ‘transport’ or ‘animals’ and a truth such as ‘I am safe’, ‘I am loved’ or ‘I am precious’. TBT has Christian roots and references, telling hand-crafted, bible-based stories but is suitable and enjoyable for those of any faith or none.

What can I expect?

TBT follows the same structure each week so that everyone feels familiar and knows what will happen next. Here’s a sneak preview…

10:30 – All the families meet together at the care home, we sign in and write our name labels.

10:40 – We are taken up to the resident’s lounge, entering with a song and lots of smiles.

10:45 – The Storyteller introduces the theme and we say ‘hello’ in fun and imaginative ways!

10:50 – Our little friends pick props out of the special TBT bag and they share (with your help!) an item with one of our older friends. The prop corresponds to a nursery rhyme and we sing it together.

11:00 – Story time! We all get involved, included and encouraged by the tale of the day.

11:05 – After a little bit of listening, we need a good jiggle so we dance to something vintage and encourage everyone who can move in any way to join in.

11:10 – There’s time for a few more pockets, props and songs.

11:20 – We blow bubbles, play with a parachute and listen to a calming song.

11:25 – Sticker time!

11:30 – The care home provide a light lunch for the children, things like hummus, breadsticks, vegetable sticks, fruit and little sandwiches. And we get to have a cuppa! We can then sip, nibble and chat with each other and the residents.

12:00 – Feel free to leave when it’s right for you and your little one.

Benefits to families

  • TBT is good value and half the price of many song groups.
  • With lunch included, TBT is an easy activity for families to attend.
  • It is educational and encouraging.
  • Creative / sensory / imaginative / language development.
  • TBT provides a place to connect with other parents in the community.
  • Parents have the chance to see their children bringing joy to those who need it.
  • Socialising with other children is critical to child development.
  • TBT provides the opportunity to share and connect with older adults.
  • The chance to be a part of changing the stigma of society by loving the lost and lonely.

How can I book a place?

Please find a group below, sign up and reserve your place. The Storyteller will then contact you directly by email with details to complete payment and secure the booking. Then tell your friends about this new group you’re going to be a part of!

Our hope is that TBT will benefit our community but that can only happen with the help of special people like you.

Any questions?  Check out our FAQs or feel free to get in touch.

Find a TBT Group

Find a group, login or join up, and reserve your place. The Storyteller will then contact you directly by email with details to complete payment and secure the booking.

Summer 2020 Half-term #1

20th April – 25th May

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Summer 2020 Half-term #2

30th May – 20th July

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