Truth Be Told (TBT) is like a drawbridge. It provides the structure for the church to take their community by the hand and together, to find the most lonely and isolated in society. It gives the opportunity to show everyone that the church is God’s beautiful display of family, of intergenerational love and devotion. That no matter how old or young you are, how hidden, how marginalised, everyone is invited to belong.

TBT is only available for replication by local churches because the fullness of life and family can only ever be truly restored through Jesus Christ Himself. The church has the privilege to showcase their family and glorify God as TBT is contemporary and in demand. It’s a simple model that addresses the urgent and current needs of the community, helps to transform lives and raises the profile of the church and its mission.

It’s easy on resources and is financially viable as the social enterprise element means that members of the church can train to be Storytellers and can then earn money from leading sessions as care homes and families both pay to be involved.

Benefits to Churches

Here are some of the ways in which churches can benefit from engaging with TBT:
  • A contemporary way to serve the community and to connect with old and young.
  • A way for the church to lead the community to tackle the dementia crisis.
  • TBT is not just social action but gospel outreach.
  • The project raises the profile of your local church.
  • Very few volunteers are needed to run the project.
  • Hosted by the care home, no facilities are required.
  • TBT provides members of the church with the opportunity to earn money.
  • Training, induction, website, ongoing support and new resources makes it easy to launch, maintain and grow.


All storytellers receive a TBT resource package as part of their training as well as advice on how to add fascinating objects to their storytelling experience.  Online resources are also available in the Partner’s Area once a Church or Storyteller has a member account.




Training Guides

Operations Manual

Becoming a Storyteller

Truth Be Told storytellers focus on delivering high quality sessions for everyone involved. As well as our storytellers creating a captivating experience for families and residents, the actual resources have been specially selected to represent the value we place on intergenerational engagement in the sessions.

Whether considering the bespoke stories or the props that bring them to life, the resources are an intricate part of the TBT experience. The songs are inclusive and often spark residents to a time gone by, helping them to participate with their new friends. Every detail of the session has been thoroughly thought through to have maximum positive impact for all involved. The resources bag itself is designed to be intriguing resulting in lots of joy and encouraging smiles from children, parents and residents alike. 

If you are passionate about families and older adults and have a desire to use your creativity for their benefit, then Truth Be Told could be the project for you! All training is provided and TBT can be an earning opportunity as well as your chance to hone your craft and develop your skills.

Please feel free to fill out the form below and we will get in touch to discuss TBT with you.  Here are our current Storytellers.  Come and join the team.

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