Truth Be Told for Churches

Truth Be Told is like a drawbridge. It provides the structure for the church to take their community by the hand and together, to find those lonely and isolated. It gives the opportunity to show everyone that the church is God’s beautiful display of family, of intergenerational love and devotion. That no matter how old or young you are, how hidden, how marginalised, everyone is invited to belong.

TBT under your own roof

As well as running intergenerational song and story groups in care homes, the TBT project can be delivered in your church building for families and older adults in the community. We first trialled this model in Summer 2020 and found that it was just as successful and very similar to the care home project. You can read our impact report.

Now that TBT can be delivered in the church and the care home setting, your Storytellers can do one or the other, a bit of both, or introduce the project in different settings at different times depending on the season of your church and community and what you are trying to achieve. We will support you just the same so that your project will thrive in all contexts

Reasons to Partner with TBT

Community Impact

TBT is an innovative, creative and positive project, ideally placed to help churches serve their communities whatever the weather, in pandemic or peace.

TBT is designed to practically and simply tackle loneliness and isolation for people of all ages, your church can make a real difference by running the project.

TBT is contemporary and fresh, which helps to draw community families towards the church in a new way.

TBT displays for all to see that the family of God is living and active, at the heart of the community’s needs.

TBT has Christian roots and references. Our stories are bespoke and tell of God’s lavish love for everyone.

Simple and Affordable

TBT is easy, requiring very few volunteers, no facilities and just a modest budget.

TBT provides training, induction, website, ongoing support and new resources making it easy to launch, maintain and grow the project.

TBT doesn’t have to be a voluntary venture. There can a social enterprise element for the Storyteller. Everyone benefits from and contributes to the success of the group.


TBT provides a whole range of physical and online resources to help your project to thrive. Face-to-face training is a core part of our provision and the Partner’s Area is a hub of information and practical material once a church has entered into a Partnership Agreement with TBT.

We have put together a ‘Getting Started for Churches Guide’ that explains everything you need to consider to launch your own TBT project.

Music & Lyrics

Sessions & Stories

Craft Resources & ideas bank

Training & Operations Manual

What people are saying 

“The challenges faced by the NHS are well-documented and projects like Truth Be Told show that churches can be part of the solution, improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in their communities. We have one of the oldest populations in the UK, its an enormous social need and we want to extend the invitation for everyone to belong.”

Richard Stamp

Leader, Gateway Church

How to get started

TBT loves training, developing and nurturing new Storytellers to really find their own voice and deliver sessions in their own unique way. To bring people together, to help them to belong is unbelievably fulfilling and we want others to experience this sense of exhilaration and satisfaction too.

Who? They should be a committed Christian who is enthusiastic and confident communicating with people aged between 1 and 101, making everyone feel comfortable, bringing energy to activities, songs, stories and socialising. They don’t need to be of professional standard! Just willing to learn as training is provided.

Commitment? In advance of starting the project, the Storyteller will need to set aside time for finding families and securing a host care home. Then reading training material (2hrs) and face-to-face online training (3hrs). Depending on the activity for the week, they will also need preparation time (1hr), communication time (30mins) and delivery time (between 30mins and 1.5hrs).

Benefits? Some TBT sessions run as a social enterprise. This means that as everyone contributes to and everyone benefits from their success, families and the host care home pay a small amount so that the Storyteller receives payment for leading the sessions.


If you are passionate about families and older adults and have a desire to use your creativity for their benefit, then Truth Be Told could be the project for you! All training is provided and TBT can be an earning opportunity as well as your chance to hone your craft and develop your skills.

Please complete the form below and we will get in touch to discuss TBT with you.  Here are our current Storytellers.  Come and join the team.

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