“Wondering what to do with your toddler group this Christmas? Ever wondered if you could involve older people too? Would you like to take some little ones and their parents into your local care home to share the blessing of belonging? If so, read on!”

“This Christmas, we have everything you need to join up the generations in your community and bring delight to those who really need it. We’re a dab hand at telling stories and singing songs to help everyone experience a sense of belonging and we’d like to give you all you need to DIY!”


A bespoke story about a Christmas eve snowman who receives lots of pointless presents from his animal friends before getting a real heart to make him a real boy and enjoy real life, just like the gift Jesus offers each one of us.


A set of beautiful nursery rhymes that old and young alike will know, love and sing along to.

How To

A ‘How To’ guide full of other ideas and info reassuring every toddler group team that you can totally pull this off!


And you can join a live online workshop where you can receive more tips and ask questions to set you up for the best Christmas session yet!

“Partnering with TBT has been a great blessing at our church – it has helped us to bring the generations together in a Jesus-centred, joy-giving way”


Storyteller, Bournemouth Citygate Church

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